CS 4: New Product Development

Objective: Develop a thermoformed travel or shipping case

Challenge :

A promotional product supplier was buying a travel case to complement a prize wheel product line used for trade shows and events. The travel case, fabricated from fiberboard, was costly and of poor quality.  The customer asked Thermopro to design and manufacture a custom thermoformed case.

The aim was to improve on the existing travel case.



From concept to design and prototype, Thermopro was able to successfully produce a thermoformed ABS travel case. An aluminum tool was built for production, and Thermopro not only formed the case, but also provided assembly and packaging.


Criteria for new Prize Wheel Carrying Case:

1. Two-piece thermoformed construction

2. Prize Wheel to ship 100% assembled

3. Improved aesthetics over existing case

4. Durable enough for shipping use

5. Ability to mold in logo

6. Include some type of handle

7.Cost to be less than current case

8.Case to be assembled by ThermoPro

9.Final Concept- Shipping case with hardware




With lower costs, and considerable higher quality, the customer’s sales volume and profit margins increased.

Final Product: