Welcome to Thermopro. We are a plastic thermoforming manufacturer located in the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia area and have had success with vacuum forming plastic and thermoformed plastics since 1998. We specialize in heavy gauge thermoforming, vacuum forming and pressure forming. Thermopro has had vast experience in thermoforming, especially vacuum forming parts not easily thermoformed. As plastics experts, we choose the materials best suited for each application. Thermoformed plastics can be selected as an alternative to injection molded plastics. Thermoformed plastics have properties that are optimum for many applications.

New engineered resins are designed for thermoformed plastics as the technology develops. Vacuum forming plastic and thermoformed plastics are especially appropriate for larger parts, where tooling costs and capacity may render injection molding ineffective. Pressure forming can create many details and the parts can be very high quality. Please review our website for answers to your questions about thermoformed plastics, vacuum forming, pressure forming, thermoforming, and vacuum forming plastics.